Overseas Study

Pre-departure Preparation
Carried out by home institution with support from Nanjing Center

  • Logistics (visas, passports, immunizations, etc.)
  • Cultural Preparation
  • Learning Strategies
  • Expectations

Pre-departure language testing: Computer adaptive reading and listening tests, ACTFL-OPI, HSK (coordinated by the BYU Chinese Flagship Center)


Period: Fall 2019-Spring 2020
Table of Estimated Cost of Attendance: Total months covered in this budget worksheet: 10 months

Budget Categories

Rate Period Frequency Cost (in U.S. dollars) Explanation
I. Tuition and Program Fees
A. Tuition to Overseas institution $1,732 semester 1.0 $1,732 Tuition to Nanjing University for Flagship courses and direct enrollment
B. Fees to Overseas institutions $682 semester 1.0 $682 Registration fees to Nanjing University and Nanjing University visa extension service fees
C. Virtual Orientation $30 semester 1.0 $30 Virtual Orientation fees to American Councils
C. Administrative Fees $441 academic year 1.0 $441 Administrative fees to American Councils
2. International Travel, Visa, Insurance
A. Visa $140 N/A 0 $0 Visa application fee to Chinese embassy
B. Insurance $73 month 11.0 $803 Accident and sickness insurance provided by American Councils. Includes medevac coverage. 11 months due to varying internship end dates.
Total Costs to be remitted to AMERICAN COUNCILS $3,688  
3. Lodging
A. Rented apartment $6,822 N/A 1.0 $6,822 Two bedroom apartment in Nanjing ($787/mo for 6 months) during direct enrollment phase. Shared apartments in metro area (range of $525/mo for Nanjing to $840/mo for Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen area for 4 months) during internship phase
B. Utilities $105 month 10 $1050 Water, gas, electricity
4. Estimated Living Expenses
A. Airfare $2,300 N/A 1.0 $2,300 Round-trip airfare US to China
B. In-country travel and local transportation $1,550 N/A 1.0 $1,550 In-country travel to internships ($750), local transportation ($80 for 10 months)
C. Books and Supplies $200 semester 1.0 $200 Books and supplies
D. Food/Meals $4,100 N/A 1.0 $4,100 Meals in Nanjing ($400/mo for 6 months) and meals in metro area ($425/mo for 4 months)
E. Residency Permit $170 N/A 1.0 $170 Nanjing residency permit fee and physical exam
F. Internet/Mobile $26 month 10 $260 Monthly internet and mobile fees (excluding the purchase of a phone)
G. Checked Bags $100 trip 2 $200 The first checked bag is free; the estimated cost of each additional bag is $100 per trip.
H. Host university insurance $13 month 10 $130 Host university insurance as required by China ($13)
GRAND TOTAL $20,470 Depending on internship cities, estimated total range between $20,470 (Nanjing)- $ 21,730 (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)
*Does not include home institution fees
**Please note exchange rate RMB:USD varies.
***Additional fees for courses taken at other universities are not included
****Depending on internship cities, estimated total range between $19,772-$20,972.

In-Country Direct Enrollment Phase

Location: Nanjing University
Duration: Approximately 4 1/2 months (September-Mid-January/February-June
Housing: Off-campus housing in campus area (native roommates)

Pre-Session (Dates TBA)

  • In-county orientation period (two-weeks prior to courses): selection and training of tutors, direct enrollment course selection, housing selection, etc...
  • HSK testing

Formal Components

  • Media, Current Events, Culture (via news media, literature, social science topics) and special community lectures
  • Advanced Writing and Composition (taught by local lecturers or contracted to Nanjing University overseas education department)
  • Direct Enrollment in Nanjing University courses in students' specializations (2-3 direct enrollment courses). Note: not all majors are taught at Nanjing University, but the Center will try its best to find outside opportunities, including volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or classes at other local universities to accommodate the students’ interests.
  • Support Course:
    Additional requirements to enhance direct enrollment experience and development of domain skills, including weekly group oral reports and learning journals.
  • Nanjing University Courses:
    See the Nanjing University online catalogue for courses: Graduate Courses/Undergraduate Courses. Note that online catalogues are often not up to date. Therefore, students need to have multiple options in mind when planning for direct enrollment work. The Nanjing Center will have printed catalogues available on arrival. Click here for a list of courses that have been taken by Flagship students over the past several years.

Informal Components

  • Community Practicum (service or part-time internship)
  • Peer content tutors
  • Small Group Meetings (cultural debriefing)
  • Special Lectures (from community members)

Internship Phase

Flagship students participate in internships throughout China arranged by the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center and supported by American Councils for International Education.


Ms. Zhang Qin, Nanjing Flagship Center Director
Dr. Doug Reardon, Managing Director, Flagship Language and NSEP-funded programs, American Councils

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