About the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center

The Chinese Flagship Center is housed in the Institute of International Students at Nanjing University, Gulou campus. Its mission is to provide support for all students throughout their participation in Nanjing and coordinate with their home U.S institutions. To fulfill this mission, the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center offers all Flagship participants:

  • In-country orientation and information sessions
  • Logistical support for a variety of areas including visa assistance, housing, tutor arrangements and course schedules
  • Special lectures on media, current events and culture
  • Advanced writing, advanced media and HSK preparation course taught by Nanjing University lecturers
  • Direct enrollment in Nanjing University courses, focusing on the student's area of specialization
  • Community practicum
  • Peer content tutors

Contact Information

Institute for International Students and Scholars—Nanjing University

c/o Director Zhang Qin
Nanjing University,
ZengXianZi Building Room 602
18 Jinyin Road, Nanjing 210093

南京大学 曾宪梓楼602室
中国 南京上海路金银街18号

Nanjing University Website

Ms. Zhang Qin, Director

Email: qzhang8028@163.com
Telephone: 86-25-8359-6355

Coordinator Email: kamlatung@163.com